Kimo King & the Blowjams

 Kimo King & The Blowjams was a 1997 project by Mark Coleman intended to highlight the songwriting and guitar playing skills of Kimo King, Hawaii's king of "slackjaw" music.

    With King at the helm and Coleman on bass guitar, the band also featured the fabulous Mark Prados on harmonica and flute, Kekela Coleman on guitar, and Jon Mossman on drums, plus a few guest musicians.

     Videographer Alan Nielsen recorded the band's only public performance, "An Evening of Slackjaw Music," on Aug. 28, 1997, at Anna Bannana's in Moiliili.



Technopunks Tune-up
Self Amusement Park
Steady Work
Home in the Country
Lt. Kije
Cute Girls
Please Get Your Body Off My Mind
Sea of Alcohol
Technopunks from Hell
Tell Me All the Things You Do