The Mellow Drips


Kekela Coleman formed the Mellow Drips in 1995 to play alternative rock. Kekela wrote all of the band's music and was its singer and lead guitarist as well.

Kekela started The Mellow Drips after playing drums and then guitar for his father's band, Potato Cannon. He also performed on his father's debut solo recording, "Mark Coleman Tunes With Love," and on "An Evening of Slackjaw Music" by Kimo King & the Blowjams.

Other musicians in The Mellow Drips are Gregg Epstein, bass guitar, and Kevin Hand, drums. Kevin also designed The Mellow Drips' two album covers.

The first cassette recording, "The Mellow Drips," was taken from a live performance on KTUH-FM in Honolulu. The second cassette recording, "If I Was To Die Today," was made by Sean Thibadeaux, who also added acoustic guitar on the title track. Kim Dewey provided background vocal on the same track.


The Mellow Drips" 1995

1. Merry Meredith
2. Cobain
3. Circus
4. Girlboy
5. Down Day
6. The Ryan Song
7. Machine
8. If I Was to Die Today 


If I was to Die Today," 1997

1. Takin' the Bus
2. The Truth
3. Merry Meredith
4. Machine
5. Girlboy
6. If I Was to Die Today
7. Cobain