whaley boys

The whaley boys are wailing hot music from Honolulu, Hawaii.

It's the blues, country and more with an edge, featuring Mark Coleman, M.J. Fogarty, Joey Carroll and Dobbs Burningham.

Mark plays bass and sings, M.J. is lead guitarist and sings, Joey is rhythm guitarist and sings, and Dobbs plays the drums and sings

By the way, thank you Christopher Moore, author of "Fluke," for providing the inspiration for our band name. Be sure to read all his novels.

Thank you also to SeaWorld in San Diego for the wonderful photo of our band.

And thanks, finally, to former whaley boys drummer Scott Cooley and photographer Brent Keane, owners of Indevtech Inc., for the beautiful whaley boys logo.

You can find more examples of Scott and Brent's fine work at http://www.indevtech.com/taxonomy/term/5 and http://brentkeanephotography.com/?q=image/tid/7  The drummer featured in Brent's photos of the whaley boys is Scott, and the harmonica player is Kevin "Mojokane" Coleman, Mark's brother.

The whaley boys are available now for parties, club gigs and world tours. Check back to this site for information about upcoming appearances. You can reach us at kekelasounds@hawaii.rr.com


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Upcoming gigs: